Real estate

Because there's nothing more reassuring than having a home away from home...

It's no coincidence that real estate is the preferred investment of the French. You too can take advantage of mature markets to ensure security and growth. Our offering is diverse enough to assist both small and large investors, residents or non-residents alike.

Property Disaggregation, Split the rights and benefit from what interests you. ​

Property disaggregation involves dividing the rights to a property between two parties (bare owner/usufructuary). This mechanism can allow you to transmit assets under optimal conditions, acquire a property at a lower cost, or avoid the real estate wealth tax.

Pinel Law, reduce your taxes and build a real estate portfolio

Benefit from significant tax reductions on your rental investments. The Pinel scheme allows you to acquire a new property to generate rental income, with government assistance contributing between 12% and 21% of the purchase price.

And that's just a glimpse of our expertise...

Since 2005, we have been supporting a wide range of profiles in dealing with economic trends and personal events.

That's why we work tirelessly to find the solutions you need to create, enhance, and maintain your assets, across all time scales.

You too, ​​​​benefit from expert advice and the strength of a professional network!


Le livret du Réméré

Rendez votre patrimoine liquide et solder vos dettes rapidement pour repartir l'esprit léger...


Dossier spécial étudiant

Les bases pour ce constituer un patrimoine et des conseilles venant d'autres etudiants !


Réaliser un portage immobilier

Vous souhaitez vous désolidariser d'un projet auquel vous ne croyez plus ? Le portage est la solution.


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