Our offer


As broker and Independent Financial Advisor “Conseil en Investissements Financiers” (CIF), Riviera MultiFinance offers you a complete tailor-made service. From safe to high financial risk investments, our team of specialists is dedicated to finding the most suitable solution to your requirements:

Optimisation of your capital.
Protection of your future.
Diversification of your portfolio.
Defiscalisation solutions

No matter which fiscal enveloppe is used (Savings, Life Insurance, banking portfolio, PEA).

Property financing

We offer a complete range of solutions selected among the most competitive market products.
After a confidential study of your estate project (home residence, secondary home,  rental investment, whether new or previously built home…), we will offer you a plan adapted to your specific needs:


with the best fixed or variable rates available on the market.
Refinancing your Property in France is a solution that allows you to get back some liquidity for new projects.


Property transaction

We could help you on finding your property in France whatever for residential use or investment purposes